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(Se habla español) Portland Ready Mix Concrete and Concrete Pumping. Mix On Site truck delivery (1 to 10 yards and specialty mixes).  Call 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery. 

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Call 503-974-0590 forCONCRETE DELIVERY

 We deliver concrete, but we also have our own concrete pumps.  Call (Se habla español) 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery

We Are Hiring CONTACT US

Convenience of Concrete DELIVERY

  We deliver concrete, but we also have our own concrete pumps.  Call (Se habla español) 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery

We Are Hiring CONTACT US

Call 503-974-0590 For The Convenience of Having Concrete Delivered by Millers Mini Mix in Portland.

"Only Pay For What You Use"

 Call 503-974-0590  ( Se habla español) for dispatch to get on the schedule. Do you need a concrete pump for this concrete order? Tell us if you will need a pump too.

Here Is Why Millers MiniMix Is The Most Convenient Way To Get Concrete

Flexibility, You Get the Concrete That You Need

If you determine you need a certain amount of concrete, but while pouring the concrete job, you realize you need more concrete, that is no problem with us.  They can make more concrete with the materials on their truck as you need it. Just to be sure, order extra concrete to make sure it is on the truck. Only the amount of concrete that you need will actually be made.

Concrete Pumping:

Placing concrete into forms such as walls, footers or stairs, is the ideal use of pumping.  Also pump concrete if it is too much to move any other way, such as a large slab.  Pump concrete if it is dangerous or impossible to move with wheel barrow such as down a steep hill or to the second or third floor of a building.

Slump Control:

Slump control is very important when you are pouring concrete on a slope, such as a downward sloping sidewalk or driveway.  It the concrete is too runny (too wet), it won't stay in the forms.  We have slump control so that we can control the mix to meet your needs.




Delayed Setup:

If you are going to need to "prolong" the work-ability of the concrete, we have a specialty mix that allows that.  The "delayed set" mix comes in one hour increments to extend the time.

Easy Cleanup:

At the end of the pour, our truck just drives away. If you use an alternative method, you may be disposing of used and unused concrete sacks and/or cleaning out a cement mixer.  If a barrel truck delivered your concrete, you may be trying to figure out what to do with the left over concrete dumped on your property.

Flow Fill:

If you are back filling a utility line or closing over something else and you need something lighter and cheaper than concrete, we can provide Flow Fill.  It is not concrete and should not be used as concrete.  The benefits of flow-fill is that it is liquid while pouring, self compacting when setting up and economical.

Typical Millers Mini Mix Jobs in the Portland Metro Area

  • Sonotubes
    • Fence Posts
    • Deck Foundations
    • Sign Posts
  • Flat Surfaces
    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Spa Decks
    • Condenser Pads
    • Compressor Pads
    • Storage Shed Pads
    • Pool Coping
  • Retaining Walls

  • Porch Steps

  • Flow Fill

  • Industrial Flat Surfaces
    • Propane tank pads
    • Airplane Tie Down Pads
    • Dumpster Pads
    • Boiler Pads
    • Slab Cut Refills for Plumbing, Electrical and Drainage

How Much Concrete One Yard Covers?

View this video to see how much concrete one cubic yard of concrete covers on a flat slab at various depths.


Millers Mini Mix, LLC in Portland Overview

We were formed for the purpose of delivering high quality concrete which is made fresh at the job site.  No more "hot loads" of concrete showing up and ruining the pour.

Our primary goal is to bring quality concrete products to our customers in a manner that satisfies their placement needs. You have our commitment that we will do everything in our power to deliver fresh, made on site concrete to meet your needs.

Call us at 503-974-0590 (Se habla español)

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Typical ReasonsTo Use Millers MiniMix

"Only Pay For What You Use"

Flexibility, You Get the Concrete That You Need

When you have the concrete you need, we stop producing concrete for you.

Slump Control:

We can provide concrete at one slump, then change some settings and pour more concrete at a different slump.


Since you only PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE, you will likely spend less with us.  You don't have to pay for extra "just in case"  concrete.


Once you have the concrete you need, we stop making it.  You do not have to pay for and dispose excess (unused) concrete.

Flexible Volume

 We can deliver as little as one yard and up to 10 yards per truck.  If you need more, we can send more trucks to get your job done.  We are very effective on very large jobs of 100's of yards too.

Easy Cleanup

At the end of the pour, we stop making concrete.  The excess raw materials are left on the truck and we drive away with them.  You don't have to clean up the extra material.