• Call 503-974-0590   for Millers MiniMix.

    Call 503-974-0590 for Millers MiniMix. "Only Pay For What You Use"

    Portland Ready Mix Concrete and Concrete Pumping. Mix On Site truck delivery (1 to 10 yards and specialty mixes).  Call 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery. Do you need a concrete
  • Millers MiniMix Pumping Too

    Millers MiniMix Pumping Too

    We deliver concrete, but we also have our own concrete pumps.  Call 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery
  • Call 503-974-0590 . One Yard Minimum

    Call 503-974-0590 . One Yard Minimum

    Millers Mini Mix, LLC Mixed Concrete Delivered in the Amount You Need.  Get as little as or as much as you need. (minimum delivery is 1 yard). Call 503-974-0590 to Discuss
  • Special Programs

    Special Programs

    For Large and Small Contractors as well as Home Owners.  We have "delayed set" concrete that can prolong the work-ability of the concrete.  We also have other additives for concrete. 
  • Specialty Concrete Mixes Available.

    Specialty Concrete Mixes Available.

    If You Need Low Slump, Fiber, Flow Fill, Delayed Set or Quick Set Up Concrete Delivery, Call 503-974-0590 to Discuss Concrete Delivery.  Volumes from 1 yard. 
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Millers truck at Bridgeport night 4 min

Millers Minimix Concrete Delivery Truck

Our Site-Mix trucks have the ability to produce up to ten cubic yards of concrete per load.

The trucks contain a number of bins for materials.  There is a bin for the gray powder cement, one of sand and gravel and finally one for water.  There is an auger that mixes all the material as it comes out of the truck to make concrete.  It is the freshest mix possible.  When you have had enough concrete, the truck stops mixing and the remaining sand, gravel, cement and water just stay in their separate bins on the truck. If possible and to provide the best service, we try to have more material on the truck than you order just in case you need more than you order.

Call now 503-693-8478.

People like the following things about concrete delivery using this method.

  • The concrete is fresh mixed on site, not having spent an hour spinning in a drum truck.
  • Because the concrete is made as you need it, this is ideal for pours that require more time
  • The truck stops making concrete when you have enough to complete your job

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Millers Mini Mix Concrete

Call 503-974-0590 for dispatch to get on the schedule. Do you need a concrete pump with for this concrete order?

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