Why Choose Millers MiniMix

Call 503-974-0590 For The Convenience of Having Concrete Delivered by Millers Mini Mix in Portland.

"Only Pay For What You Use"

 Call 503-974-0590  ( Se habla español) for dispatch to get on the schedule. Do you need a concrete pump for this concrete order? Tell us if you will need a pump too.

Why Use Millers MiniMix

"Only Pay For What You Use"

Flexibility, You Get the Concrete That You Need

When you have the concrete you need, we stop producing concrete for you.

Slump Control:

We can provide concrete at one slump, then change some settings and pour more concrete at a different slump.


Since you only PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE, you will likely spend less with us.  You don't have to pay for extra "just in case"  concrete.


Once you have the concrete you need, we stop making it.  You do not have to pay for and dispose excess (unused) concrete.

Flexible Volume

 We can deliver as little as one yard and up to 10 yards per truck.  If you need more, we can send more trucks to get your job done.  We are very effective on very large jobs of 100's of yards too.

Easy Cleanup

At the end of the pour, we stop making concrete.  The excess raw materials are left on the truck and we drive away with them.  You don't have to clean up the extra material.