Miller’s Mini Mix Concrete Testimonials

Miller’s Mini Mix has been our preferred provider of concrete for over two years. By mixing concrete on the job-site we are able to eliminate waste, control costs and better estimate project expenses. We pay only for what we use. Miller's continues to provide Elmers Flag and Banner with the highest quality product at competative prices. Miller's Mini Mix is first rate! Thank you, keep up the good work.

Adam Zumwalt
Elmer's Flag and Banner

Miller’s Mini Mix has been great to use. They show up on time with a smile on their face. As a home owner doing my own work I am grateful for the advice they have to offer and their cooperative spirit. There is no question what I do when I need concrete - I call Miller's Mini Mix

Al Hoy

Before I hired Miller’s Mini Mix, I checked out the large ready-mix concrete companies. These conventional suppliers wanted me to juggle my job to fit their truck size, and were not viable for anything but full loads. Millers's Mini Mix solved my problems. On the job mixing gave me the exact amount I needed with no waste. Whether I used a full load or a couple of yards, the pricing was reasonable. But best of all was the way Miller's Mini Mix drivers personally cared about my job. They went beyond the call of duty to get the results I wanted. Thanks Miller's Mini Mix.

Bruce Penny

I have used Miller’s Mini Mix for several years now. They are always on time, the mix is consistent, and I like the fact that you get the exact amount you need and pay only for that amount. Miller's Mini Mix is perfect for the 'do it yourself'. It is a family run company, and they treat people with respect. I was short handed one day and the driver actually helped me wheelbarrow concrete. Now that is good service

Pat Romaine
Clean Water Services

As a registered Landscape Architect and a small Licensed Contractor, I have used Miller’s Mini Mix exclusively over the past few years, because of their ability to meet a variety of common and specialized needs. Miller's have met and most often exceeded my expectations every time. Be it small yardage or large yard-plus pumping job requiring backup loads to get the job done, there's no one better that you can count on being there on time and ready to serve .... a true case of where price isn't everything but service and product is!

Glen Krause
President GKI Design Build

We call Miller’s Mini Mix when we need short loads. All of our concrete is third party tested, and Miller's consistently exceed minimum strength requirements by day 7 of a 28 day cycle. We count on both the excellent product and service Miller's provides.

Thad Fisco
Adaptive Construction

I've been using Miller’s Mini Mix aout 2 or 3 years and have no regrets yet. I have come to depend on the quality of concrete, their reliability and friendliness of all the employees, from the dispatcher to the drivers. For small pours with big company quality Miller’s Mini Mix is the only way to go

George Vershingel
Concrete Constuction

I have used Miller’s Mini Mix for almost 3 years now and have always been very satisfied with their service as well as the quality of the mix. As a homeowner they have always been very helpful and cooperative. The drivers are knowlegeable and very pleasant. I tell all my friends to give Mini Mix a try, they won't be sorry. Thanks for the great service!

Steven Fleming

This is a note just to let you know that Miller’s Mini Mix folks are great to deal with, as in: on-time, pleasant, versatile trucks (exterior controls etc), no wasted product; you pay for the exact amount you need, and not some predetermined quantity, and your concrete experience will always go better if you use an experienced concrete finisher.

Pat Fox

I have tried other concrete services large and small but I always come back to Miller’s Mini Mix. I only have to pay for what I use, they are always prompt, and on the job with a smile. Their serice and quality is top notch. Thanks Miller's Mini Mix

Jim Flowers