Miller’s Mini Mix Concrete

Concrete is simply: rock, sand, cement and water, along with some additives.

Mix Design is simply the different ratios of the concrete ingredients.  Different ratios result in different properties such as strength, measured in pounds per square inch (p.s.i.).  Typically most projects require the mix design that achieves a minimum #3000 p.s.i..  Miller’s Mini Mix is capable of instantaneous changes to the mix design, thus fulfilling any spec requirements for your concrete project.  Please call to have any questions answered, our extensive experience ensures every project is completed with the utmost quality and integrity. 

Guaranteed through Experience!

Miller's Mini Mix Commercial

Calculate Volume of Concrete

Miller’s Mini Mix has provided a free easy to use calculator as a tool to help you determine your concrete volume requirements.

Concrete Basics

An excellent source of .PDF catalogs with extensive drawings and captions for ALL things Concrete. Anyone attempting to erect concrete walls that can sell; look on page 41 in the Orange Catalog. Miller’s Mini Mix is not a paid endorser or associated with MASCO in anyway, simply found this to be a free educational tool for those looking to broaden their “concrete slang”.